Saturday, February 15, 2014

Body Combat Initial Training Day 1

Wanted to write this up real fast before I go to bed. Cause I'm exhausttttt!!

Today was the first day of two of the BodyCombat initial training. I had a blast!!! BC has similarities to turbokick but it's also very very, VERY different. You really embody the feel of a fight. The moves are really technical and form-specific. Everything works together like a jigsaw puzzle, and i love jigsaw puzzles!

We had to present a track today . I had track 7 which is Muay Thai. SOO MUCH FUN!!! Seriously, that track ROCKS!!! I was nervous at first because it's physically demanding but once I got up there I was fine. I got really good feedback from the trainer. She said my knees were perfect, my form was great, and my forward plyo push kick was great. I know she wouldn't just hand out compliments easily because this is meant to be a tough training that fully challenges you. So that made me feel quite proud of myself. She said I need to work on the downward street brawl punch, and also my plyo push.

Tomorrow I have the karate track which is a lot harder for me, and I have to present it twice so I'm a tad nervous about that. Especially because I am starting to feel really sore right now O_O. oh boy.

Still, super excited, and will update with my progress!

I never EVER thought I would be so into fitness....dude, I spent most of my life being fat and uncoordinated. I'm still fat-ish,but that's changing at its own pace, whatever. Still, I am pushing physical boundries I never would have thought i'd be able to push. PRETTY COOL.

Chalene Johnson always says to make your goals public, so I'm saying it now: I want to get really, really, REALLY good at this. And I know that's not specific like she says it's supposed to be but tomorrow after training I will probably have a better idea of measurable goals I can set. I really feel like I can learn, embody and master this format, with time.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Upcoming BodyCombat Training.. excited!!!

I've pretty much lost my mind. I signed up for another training -- BodyCombat. This one is going to be much, much harder than the TurboKick one, but I think I'm up for it. I LOVE Bodycombat. It's such an empowering workout that is VERY focused on form and technique. Which, I am a huge dork about.

I've been teaching Turbokick 1-2 times a week and i LOVE it!!! Sure I've made PLENTY of mistakes, but it all comes with being a new instructor I think, but so far the members seem pretty understanding and overall enjoy the workout. I am not planning to get lazy about this at all. I want to improve every single time.

And, if I get to teach BC, it's really going to challenge me and take me to the next level. I'm excited!! 

I have been working hard to get my form right before the training and practicing a lot because I have to come prepared to present 2 tracks -- i got track 6 and 7 which is karate and muay thai, respectively. Some of the hardest tracks in the release. Thankfully some wonderful instructors have been helping me iron out the details, and I'm going to learn a lot during the actual training too. yay!!

Have you tried Body Combat? Well if you haven't and aren't near a gym, I have good news. This workout can also be found on DVD, and starting today actually until the end of march it's a special price.

And I'm telling you, this workout is FIERCE. It is truly my new favorite. Ask me questions if you have any, otherwise you can get it HERE!!!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Bachelor Workout Game!!

The Bachelor premiered last week and it's already setting up to be one of the funniest seasons ever, in my opinion. And a great setup for a drinking game....

But, since I'm supposed to be the healthy living example around here, I created a workout game instead. ;)

I figure.... might as well get some calories burned instead of ending up on the floor passed out drunk.

PS: If you found this page via Pinterest, check out my page where I post more frequently: Fun and Fitness With Reena

Here it is!

Happy Workouts!!!

(also, disclaimer; I don't own the Bachelor or any of its logos, etc.)

Another Nice Hike.

Got outdoors today and went on a nice little walk at Vasquez Rocks. This one is a lot more quiet and nature-y than Runyon Canyon or the other Hollywood hikes I like. Nice to do something a little different.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My First Two Classes

I stink at updating.

But I said I'd update after I'd taught my first fitness class. It wasn't real until then. I didn't put the job title on my facebook until then, lol.

So I taught my first and second classes -- on a tuesday and a wednesday -- shortly after getting hired. The first one sucked. The second one was awesome.

And, I'm probably being a little hard on myself saying the first one sucked. My friend who came to class swore she didn't even notice that I was struggling. By struggling I mean there were parts where I forgot the choreography and lost confidence. That's okay. It was a learning experience. I'm really glad I taught again the next day because I started to have a omg-why-am-i-even-doing-this panic attack after the first one lol.

I got a regular class starting next week (!!!!!). I'm taking over for a guy who's going on an extended medical leave -- 3 months. So basically, the class is mine until then. And by that point I'll probably be teaching more than just one day so yeah. I'm starting to get nervous again because it's unfamiliar territory, what if they hate me, etc. I'm trying to plan and prepare as much as possible. I really want to practice the routine on the folks at my regular gym first but I don't think i'm going to have that chance...hmmph. I heard the people over there are huge fans of Turbo so that's a good and bad thing. Good because they're probably full of energy. Bad because it's intimidating to keep up with that lol. We shall see. I am excited though!!!!

And .. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I am excited for 2014!! Already got plans to get more certifications and do more awesome things. yay!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

UHHH I am awesome.

I auditioned again for an group class instructor position at the gym. This time the audition came out of absolute nowhere, I heard about it last minute, and only had like 2 days to prepare.

Apparently I did a good job because I got hired!!!


More on this later after I teach my first class. Cause it really won't feel real until then.

Monday, November 18, 2013

I love LA!

Reason #2498754 I love where I live. The Runyon Canyon hike. The entrance is located at the intersection of Franklin and Fuller in Hollywood, and the 'hard' train is one heck of a challenge. However, it's short so you don't get bored, and there's plenty of fun people watching.

I heard that someone wants to do some sort of weird construction on there though that would destroy a section of the hike?!?!?! Does anyone know about this??? That would be HORRIBLE.