Saturday, February 15, 2014

Body Combat Initial Training Day 1

Wanted to write this up real fast before I go to bed. Cause I'm exhausttttt!!

Today was the first day of two of the BodyCombat initial training. I had a blast!!! BC has similarities to turbokick but it's also very very, VERY different. You really embody the feel of a fight. The moves are really technical and form-specific. Everything works together like a jigsaw puzzle, and i love jigsaw puzzles!

We had to present a track today . I had track 7 which is Muay Thai. SOO MUCH FUN!!! Seriously, that track ROCKS!!! I was nervous at first because it's physically demanding but once I got up there I was fine. I got really good feedback from the trainer. She said my knees were perfect, my form was great, and my forward plyo push kick was great. I know she wouldn't just hand out compliments easily because this is meant to be a tough training that fully challenges you. So that made me feel quite proud of myself. She said I need to work on the downward street brawl punch, and also my plyo push.

Tomorrow I have the karate track which is a lot harder for me, and I have to present it twice so I'm a tad nervous about that. Especially because I am starting to feel really sore right now O_O. oh boy.

Still, super excited, and will update with my progress!

I never EVER thought I would be so into fitness....dude, I spent most of my life being fat and uncoordinated. I'm still fat-ish,but that's changing at its own pace, whatever. Still, I am pushing physical boundries I never would have thought i'd be able to push. PRETTY COOL.

Chalene Johnson always says to make your goals public, so I'm saying it now: I want to get really, really, REALLY good at this. And I know that's not specific like she says it's supposed to be but tomorrow after training I will probably have a better idea of measurable goals I can set. I really feel like I can learn, embody and master this format, with time.

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